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NatCell Liquid Molecular Extracts are tissue specific growth and cell signaling factor concentrates.

Atrium Biotechnologies, in collaboration with its parent company Aeterna Laboratories, has developed a patented biotechnology process to isolate and concentrate molecules in their natural, most beneficial cellular state.  NatCell.

This hi-tech process allows for selection of desired molecules according to their size and weight.   The desired fraction of molecules is then concentrated and bottled under aseptic conditions and flash frozen.

Throughout this elaborate manufacturing process, the proteins are never exposed to anything but pure water. NatCell extracts are created with no heat or chemicals involved, the end-product is a 100% natural, concentrated fresh molecular compound of the highest possible bioavailability.

The patented NatCell process is applied to different natural source materials depending on which tissue specific factors are desired.

NatCell products are available as tissue specific extracts or in condition specific mixtures. These highly specialized food supplements are available through health care professionals around the globe at premium prices.

Below are links to sites with more spefic information about each kind of Natcell Frozen Extracts
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Natcell logo spacer Natcell Adrenal
Natcell logo spacer Natcell Remilyn
Natcell logo spacer Natcell Mesenchyme
Xtra Cell is Nat Cell except that it is branded for Health Care Practioners and is usually more expensive.
xtra cell is natcell branded for heatl practicioners Xtra Cell Extra offers free shipping on all orders
xtra cell is natcell branded for heatl practicioners Comitris Xtra Cell

Alternative Medicine Solution is the largest independent distributer of NatCell & Xtra Cell products in the US,, most likely the world.

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Download Natcell Information Sheet More Natcell Info Available Natcell Items


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